Insolation Pro

Current version: v2018.01 (available here)

Insolation Pro is a Professional tool one can use to determine insolation time of indoor spaces in Rhino NURBs modeller. The sotfware (plugin) was developed and tested in Rhino for MAC, as well as in Rhino 5 under MS Windows OS. It’s developed independently on Insolation Lite.

Features of Insolation Pro:

  • GUI utilizing Winforms graphical class library
  • Translated to Czech and English languages (i.e. Multilang platform)
  • Evaluation respects the latest ČSN 73 4301 and ČSN 73 0581 nonetheless it can be easily edited
    • The user can change the date and time of evaluation, etc.
  • Simplified or detailed representation of results in a user friendly manner.
  • Batch processing – It can determine the insolation time for and unlimited number of spaces
    • Requires for 2 files – *.3dm.spc and *.3dm.pts. spc file is to include data about spaces, room description and height of evaluation points. pts file is required to include the 3D coordinates of evaluation points as well as the normal vectors in global 3D coordinates.


  • Download and unzip the following file: Insolation Pro
  • Open Rhino and the scene you would like to work with.
  • Verify the units in use by entering UNITS into the command line. Insolation Lite scales the diagram automatically depending on the actual units (mm, cm, m).
  • Make sure North is facing upwards, i.e. direction vector is parallel to +Y axis
  • Run Insolation Lite by entering RunPythonScript into Rhino’s command line, then point to the Python file and wait for the GUI to appear. Enter the room number, height of evaluation point, town and latitude of town and press the RUN button. You have to select the evaluation point and window surface normal direction. Then wait for the results to appear.
  • Another alternative would be to create an alias.